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nyaoran's Journal


Hi I'm Louise and I live in Moominvalley!

but you can also find me at:

Super bonus fun link time!:

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alice in wonderland, alphonse mucha, animals, animation, art nouveau, audio dramas, audrey hepburn, ballet, bbc sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, bilbo baggins, blackadder, blossom dearie, blythe, books, breakfast at tiffany's, cabin pressure, cakes, cats, chess, chibi art, classics, colin mcnaughton, collecting stuff, comedy, david bowie, david tennant, deco-den, desserts, disney, doctor who, dolls, dolly-kei, don bluth, doodling, earrings, eastenders, eddie dickens, edwardian fashion, etsy.com, fairy tales, fancy stuff, flight of the conchords, folklore, food, forest gump, frank sinatra, frasier, frogs, gigi, glam rock, grimoire, gustav klimt, harry potter, haute couture, hermione, himegyaru, history, hobbits, illustration, illustrations, indiana jones, j.r.r tolkien, jazz, jewelry, joe hisaishi, john singer sargent, lady gaga, literature, lolita fashion, lupin the 3rd, makoto takahashi, martin freeman, mary magdalene, meet the robinsons, moomins, mori girl, mr gum, mrs doubtfire, musical theatre, my fair lady, neville longbottom, niles crane, norman rockwell, old 80's cartoons, old coins, opencanvas, owls, pandas, paperchase stationary, pearls, peep show, photoshop, pixar, polka dots, portraits, pushing daisies, quaintrelle, ratatouille, rex harrison, road to el dorado, roald dahl, robots, rococco, roger bailey, rowan atkinson, rupert bear, scarves, scherenschnitte, second breakfast, sherlock holmes, shoujo manga, soundtracks, squidward, steampunk, stephen fry, stephen sondheim, street performance, studio ghibli, supertramp, tchaikovsky, the castle of cagliostro, the iron giant, the parent trap, the police, the rolling stones, the simpsons, tim burton movies, tom's midnight garden, toulouse-lautrec, tove jansson, ugly betty, underdogs, victorian fashion, vintage poster art, vintage toys, watermelon, wind in the willows, woodland creatures, ziggy stardust, Édouard manet