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Dragons, boggarts and brownies

Some modelmaking stuff from a while ago!

Look how small he is! He can fit rather snugly in the cup of one's hand.

I have forever been entranced by ideas of little magical creatures secretly living in peoples homes, fixing things during the night or causing mischief by stealing socks and buttons, breaking things and the like. I'm a big fan of the creatures in European folk-tales and stories such as The Borrowers and The Spiderwick Chronicles. And so, I was inspired to make some creatures of my own.

The rotund little creature with the bowtie is a brownie, a friendly, helpful house-dwelling spirit, while the thinner grumpier fellow is a boggart, a malevolant spirit that delights in causing trouble in the household. In my mind these two fellows are relations, maybe cousins or brothers. They live in the same old house and naturally don't get on. Brownie wants to help the household and does good deeds like pairing odd socks and sewing on buttons during the night, but Boggart is of course always causing trouble for him.

I always plan out my sculptures first in plasticine as it's easier to plan and alter the pose and shape of the figure. Once I'm satisfied I transfer the idea into air-dry clay (I like using terracotta das) and then paint with acrylics.
These guys, as you can see, are still in the plasticine stage.

I put a pin in Brownie's neck so now he has an opposable head. Creepy or cool? You decide. I'd love to do a stop-motion animation with these characters at some point.

And that's all for now!


Clay figures

Some things I made for people over the Christmas holidays:


some more old pictures

A compilation of old stuff I don't think I've posted up here before. Ugh, my drawing style has become so eclectic I don't even know what visually defines me anymore.


What to do

My second year of university is officially over and have been spending a few weeks back at the family home while mulling over my next move. When I get back I'm going to have to start looking for jobs, which I'm not particularly looking forward to,(I've never had a real job before) but I really need to be doing something that is both productive and will bring in money over the summer.

I don't like thinking too much about going into my final year at uni (can we really be there already?) I feel so unprepared, especially as we are given full-reign for all our projects from here on out. I still have no idea what kind of an illustrator I am, or even if I want to do this on a professional level. My plan so far is to just try and have fun with my art and see where that leads me.


Some recent and not so recent stuff

Wow I'm alive! Here's a few things from various point in time. I haven't been very productive in recent months, just stressed and a little lost.


Mar. 9th, 2012

I got bored recently and decided to re-do one of those online personality tests that I did a few years ago. It's quite interesting to see how I have apparently changed over three years, but I suppose this is what uni and general growing up does to you.
Here's that original blog post:Here's that original blog post: Notice how publishing date is just about this time three years ago? I thought that was quite interesting.


Button-eyed detectives

and a saggy boob lady. Enjoy.


some stupid doodlins

Back at home and in a bigger room!
More watercolour & pencil adventures. Magical witchy girls with cat hats and silly clothes ahoy! Oh and one naked blue lady. Yeah.

cut for sillyCollapse )


Zafaras and self portraits

I think I'm getting a little braver on the tumblr front. c: I'm still a little too shy to post everything I draw on my main blog but I made a new tumblr lgmdraws.tumblr.com to act as a seperate art blog. Maybe one day I'll post my favourite things over to my main tumblr. Gawd I have no idea why I'm this awkward xwx

MOARCollapse )
so i'm deleting them and storing them here 'caus I'm a wuss ._.;